Spring time!

You would think that under the current circumstances of being home 24/7 and not travelling I would have more time to post here.  But I am probably like many people – the more time I have the busier I am, if that makes any sense. I am not one to sit around. Moss just sits around.

Outside of work, Spring is here and that means housework, lawn care, tackling a long list of projects compliments of my beautiful wife, and of course, more kid’s activities.  In Canada, one hockey season ends, and another begins. So, on top of tennis and baseball, we are now entering Spring hockey. That is what we get for living in a hockey crazy country.  Regardless, the kids and I love it and are fortunate to be living in a region that has managed to keep Covid cases extremely low and offers a relatively normal day-to-day life under this pandemic.

As for work, things are ramping up! Automattic is comprised of many small teams. These teams work independently but all align with the bigger picture and company goals.  It is a great way to maintain high productivity and have accountability. Employees are empowered to make decisions and are measured by results.  However, teams change and grow.  We have a part-time person who splits his time with another team, and we added a new full time person. Our team is small but efficient. I like to say we punch well above our weight class. My new colleague is wonderful to work with and is also results driven. Which is why by adding another business development person we actually are busier. Now, along with running and managing a domain TLD registry we can focus on things that we could never get to, like more and concentrated promotions, selling more premium names, and supporting our channel’s efforts! 

At Autommatic there is no traditional work and life balance. It is all one so I can go from signing a partnership agreement to coaching hockey to jumping on a zoom call to taking my dog for a run, all within a few hours. Whatever it takes!


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