Honesty, respect, drive, balance, humour and passion…but mostly passion. Like Ben Franklin, passion drives me while reason holds the reins. I live my life by one rule: “treating others as I want to be treated.” I bleed the colours of my country, Canada. My first love was hockey but I have an ongoing love affair with life, which is my beautiful wife and wonderful 2 young boys. I believe if we all worked hard and played harder planes would not fly into buildings, wars would be avoided and the disparity between the rich and poor would be marginal at best. I associate laziness to failure and drive the key to success, which should not be measured by the size of one’s pocket book rather by the number of true friends a person has. I believe for most men life begins at 30 but for women it begins at 25. I also believe without the Arts life is meaningless! The strongest people I know are my parents and my role model is my late grandmother, though I respect and admire countless others who have all changed the world for the better in their own unique way.

My Name is Don Ruiz. I live in Toronto Halifax, Canada but Newfoundland is my home and always will be. As a proud Newfoundlander, I make annual pilgrimages there to visit family and friends. Despite being educated in the life sciences and business, I have spent the better part of the past 20 years directly in, or around, the domain and hosting industry. Currently, I am part of the team at Knock Knock Whois There (KKWT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Automattic Inc., who are responsible for launching .blog to the world.

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