Reboot – Clear Is Kind!

Over my career, I had been lucky enough to take part in countless training sessions and courses, from sales training to management training. Some have been better than others but to be honest, most of what I learned in these has since been lost in my ever-dwindling memory bank. And what remains is only ever so faintly indexed.

However, most recently I took part in Automattic’s Reboot leadership training program. First, it was held in NYC, one of my favourite cities, and second, it was with 13 other colleagues who I have never met in person before. So cool!

Outside of travel logistics, there was little prep for attendees and so I really had no expectations. It turned out to be an amazing learning and self-discovery experience. I can’t thank our coaches Andy and Dan enough. Their intimate knowledge of Automattic, our culture, how we work, and the tools we use made the content relevant and interesting.

The leadership tools they taught us are game-changing not only in work but in relationships…and for me in coaching youth hockey and communicating.

I highly recommend Reboot for any person aspiring to communicate and lead in a more frictionless manner!


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