SuperBowl LV – Who will win?

One of my favourite times of year is just around the corner.  That is right, the Super Bowl (aka Covid Bowl), being played at a semi-filled Raymond James Field in Tampa Bay. 

I have been a Patriots fan before Brady was even drafted by them. I cheered the Bledsoe years and marvelled at the quarterback carousel prior to that. My all-time favourite Pat is Tedy Bruschi….hands down. However, it is difficult not the cheer for the player drafted 199 overall, who lead the team to 6 Super Bowl wins. So, as I cheered my Patriots this season, despite knowing it would not turn out well with Cam Newton at pivot, I could not help but share my encouragement and enthusiasm for numbers 12 and 87 of the Bucs.  Brady will be in his 10th Super Bowl and Gronk his 5th, facing, what might be their last hurrah at the big dance. 

But that is not the only reason I am excited about the Super Bowl. I love the commercials.  Not just that I am befuddled by the fact that companies are be better off burning $5 million dollars in a dumpster, taping it, and putting it on youtube to market their product than run a 30 sec ad during a Super Bowl or the appearance of A-list celebrities recruited to look foolish. But as person in domains, I watch for the promotion of domain names in commercials. I am always shocked how more companies do not promote a call-to-action in a Super Bowl ad using a domain name.  The real winners do.

I kinda have the feeling this creative commercial, which they actually call a marketing stunt, may be the real winner this year!

It is bust or boom time!


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