Dealing With the Unthinkable!

One perk of the jobs of I have had in the domains’ industry is the chance to travel around the world to visit clients attend conferences. However, this has come to an abrupt stop due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. So, far two conferences I had planned to attend, ICANN 68 in Cancun, Mexico and CloudFest in Rust, Germany have been cancelled. I was also planning a trip to Italy to see partners and new potential clients but with Italy quarantined, that is off the table now too. But please do NOT feel bad for me. Missing a few conferences and face-to-face meetings is not a big picture issue. Yes, spending time with clients and promoting .blog at events is important to my work but not as important as the global health concern surrounding COVID-19.


I hear people complain about cancelled events, pointing fingers at over-cautious health officials, event organizers, and governments. Are these trips really so important to their jobs that they would risk their own health and the health of others or do these people just need the frequent flyer points they covet so much just to maintain their status for one more year? Seriously, we need to put things in perspective and get off of our privileged high-chairs…people are dying and the virus is spreading. Heck, even the most beloved sport in the world, football (aka soccer) are holding professional matches in empty stadiums across Europe.

With the technology we have at our disposal, having remote sessions and meetings should be a welcomed alternative until the COVID-19 situation is contained and safe for large gatherings.

And let’s not forget the thousands of healthcare experts and government officials around the world who are working tirelessly on trying to contain COVID-19 and find ways to deal with this dreadful virus. They should be commended often for their tremendous efforts!


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