Proudly Canadian, Eh?

After launching a series of Canadian commercials to promote .ca domains, CIRA, the domain registry behind .ca, are offering free stock photos to help get people started with their new websites. But CIRA, being CIRA, aren’t offering the vanilla Sear’s catalogue models fake laughing. Nope. Instead, they are all about every Canadian cliche – moose, hockey, ketchup chips, poutine, maple syrup and even the good ol’ Canadian tuxedo.


While some people may be offended by this, I am not. Why would I be since part of our identity is our ability to not takes ourselves too seriously.  Though being Canadian goes far beyond lumberjacks, maple leafs, or eh​(s), I am proud that we have a unique culture recognized worldwide of some iconic representations as silly as a skateboarding moose might be be some people.

.P.S. You can also call me a Newfie…I wear that one as a badge of honour too and here is why:, thank you Mark Critch!


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