Welcome to my new Blog!

It has been a long, long while since I have had a blog. I used to blog years ago but the primary reason was to feed the creative side of my brain while entertaining some friends – not much substance but plenty of laughs. Screenwriting overtook my blog as the creative outlet for many years, though that too has been a few years back (oh my, how time has passed). However, I am still proud to say I have written 9 screenplays, several with my friend and writing partner. Sadly, we never put them out there and so they are collecting digital dust on a jump drive in a box in my closet. Over the years I have blogged occasionally either under a pseudonym for some friend’s sites or for various companies during my employment with them.

Since joining Automattic a few months ago the itch to start a blog crept back within me like a friendly rain spider that never really went away but instead decided to camp out for a while in the dark, damp corner of my basement and not bother anybody…until now.

The difference this time around is that I have a wonderful new domain, don.blog, to go with a few less laughs but much more substance. My plan is to post with a new perspective on domains and cover the intricate or even sometimes the dark parts of the industry many people dare not go. But I will ease into it and relish every keystroke.

I hope you enjoy!




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